Replacing missing teeth (Prosthetic dentition)

Replacement of your natural teeth is available in different types:
Removable teeth (partial & complete dentures)
Fixed teeth (bridges and implants)

Removable Teeth
These are either complete or partial. The partial dentures are made of acrylic or cobalt chromium alloy (c-c plates) with or without soft liners. Similarly complete dentures are made for edentulous mouths, they are also made with or without soft liners. Now we have flexible dentures.


Removable and Fixed Teeth

These are done by getting the support from the adjacent teeth, the enamel from the these teeth is trimmed to support the bridge.



Dental Implants
If you have missing teeth and you don't want a removable denture or a bridge(don’t want to trim your healthy teeth) we have a solution of dental implants for you.
This is a very simple procedure. A bone compatible (osteo integrated) screw is inserted in the bone with a tooth of same size and shape as of your natural tooth.



dental implants