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Who We Are

The Dental Clinic is an entity located in “Get Well Medical Centre” G-10 Markaz. This Medical Centre is one of its own kind, providing basic health care facilities in the most efficient and professional way for the people of the Capital City.
The Dental Clinic is an independent part of the Centre. It has the most latest diagnostic techniques, intra oral imaging, digital radiology and complete treatment solutions for everyone.

Why We Do This

Dentistry is a fast growing specialty throughout the world. During the last decade, tremendous improvement has been made in this field. Previously, extraction was the only known remedy for the dental disease but now things have changed. With the advent of latest state of the art equipment and materials, the former perception has changed

At “THE DENTAL CLINIC”, we are committed to treat our patients and satisfy them with an accurate approach to their problems and rectify them in the best possible way. By the virtue of this website, we are opening a small window which will enable lots people to benefit from.


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